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Counter Weight Kolsch

German Style Ale|4.8% ABV

Counter Weight Kolsch is made with traditional German ingredients and fermented with a classic kolsch yeast strain. Clean and crisp, our Kolsch was cold conditioned for an extended maturation time. Soft fruity notes, delicate malt-driven sweetness, all leading to a dry pleasant finish.

Cutline Lager

Helles Style Lager|4.4% ABV

A clean, refreshing helles inspired lager beer. Cutline offers a medium body with a balanced hop profile and beautiful malt character.

Precious Petals

American IPA|6.2% ABV

Precious Petals IPA is brewed with a unique blend of hops to express well-defined characteristics of pink grapefruit and juicy tangerine with tropical papaya notes.

Remix Grisette

Grisette|4.3% ABV

Farmhouse-inspired Grisette expressing yeast-driven complexity with peppery notes intertwined with citrus in a dry light bodied beer. 

Slumbering Behemoth - Bourbon Barrel Aged

Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout|10% ABV

Slumbering Behemoth - Aged in bourbon barrels! Big rich body, lots of dark chocolate, caramel-like flavors and aromas. Some fig and dark fruit notes emerge as the beer warms.

Smoked Ein

Smoked Helles Style Lager|5% ABV

Smoked Ein Helles shares its regional inspiration with our Frank and Drudenhaus and we are happy to add Smoked Ein Helles to our ever growing rotating lager lineup.


American IPA|6.9% ABV

Stratagem is part of our ongoing exploration into what hoppy IPA's can be. Stratagem utilizes a new variety called Strata in the whirlpool and dry hop. Bright expressive berry notes with some really nice grapefruit alongside super dank qualities. 

Sunday Gravy

Pilsner|5.2% ABV

Sunday Gravy is our Italian style pilsner dry hopped with Saphir and Perle, and made with European malts, Sunday Gravy is unfiltered, dry, and hoppy. 

Take-Out Guest Brews

No guest brews available at this time.