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Crucial Mass

American DIPA|8% ABV

Crucial Mass is an America DIPA brewed with a blend of American and Southern hemisphere hop varieties that contribute big, tropical fruit flavors. Ripened mangoes, passionfruit, and a touch of grapefruit dominate the nose, with a subtly sweet malt backbone to support the big explosive hop flavors.  

Cutline Lager

Helles Style Lager|4.4% ABV

A clean, refreshing helles inspired lager beer. Cutline offers a medium body with a balanced hop profile and beautiful malt character.


American IPA|6.5% ABV

Headway IPA is brewed with four varieties of American hops. Headway blends these hop varieties in the kettle and in the dry hopping stages to allow these varietals to be bright and expressive.

Workhorse Pilsner

German Keller Pilsner|5% ABV

Workhorse Pilsner is forged from traditional German ingredients, unfiltered, and dry hopped with noble hops. Grassy lemon citric notes mingle with a clean German Malt flavor. Refined yet unfettered, aggressively hopped yet balanced. Brewed to be seriously drinkable.

Rotating Beers

A Modern Classic

American Style Lager|4.9% ABV

Modern Pizza and Counter Weight Brewing have come together to create "A Modern Classic" American Style Lager. Brewed in the pre-prohibition lager style, the grain bill included a portion of flaked corn which contributes a soft sweetness to the beer. Step mashed, noble hopped, fermented cold, and patiently lagered, the result is a wonderfully easy-drinking beer with subtle malt and corn sweetness balanced by a delicate Saaz and Hallertau mittelfrüh hops. A beer worthy and perfect for enjoying with classic apizza!

A Modern Classic 2

Italian Style Pilsner|5% ABV

Brewed in collaboration with Modern Apizza, A Modern Classic 2 is an immensely drinkable pilsner beer with a pleasantly assertive hop character derived from some beautifully hand-selected European hop varieties. The hop character, working in harmony with classic pilsner malts and a clean fermentation profile makes for a beer best paired with the delicious and icon Modern Apizza.


50% Spontaneous Ale / 50% Mixed Fermentation Ale|6.1% ABV

Aeolian is a blended beer composed of 50% two year old spontaneous beer and 50% 18 month old mixed culture fermented beer.

It was aged on Cabernet and Syrah grapes in Romanian oak. The result is something special. A deep burgundy colored beer with lots of fruit qualities. Dark cherry, ripened berry, some musty funk, oak, with a sturdy acidity throughout.


Blended Wile Ale with Cherries|6.1% ABV

Amoret is an American wild ale that consists of a blend of wood aged mixed fermentation beer, including a portion of spontaneous beer from our Coolship. The base blend rested on more than 300 lbs of freshly picked cherries for more than 8 months after more than a year in oak.  

The result of time, fresh fruit, wild yeast, wood, patience, and care is a special beer that offers tart cherry, lactic tartness, funky wild barnyard notes alongside balanced acid and woody character.

Blended in Hamden, packaged in Cheshire, it’s rewarding to see the elements of these two spaces come together.

Appalachian Sequoia

West Coast IPA|6.2% ABV

Appalachian Sequoia IPA highlights some classic hop varieties that have helped define American hoppy beer. West coast inspired, fermented with a classic California yeast strain, Appalachian Sequoia is dry with a firm pleasant bitterness, and has lots of flavors that bring to mind orange marmalade, tangerine, and a beautiful pine quality.


American IPA|6.2% ABV

Arborist is a classic American IPA brewed with Citra, Simcoe, and Centennial. Lots of orange rind character and pleasant pine along with tropical fruit qualities.

Armand and a Leg

Barrel Aged Farmhouse Ale|6.4% ABV

Armand and a Leg is a farmhouse beer consisting of a blend of barrel and foeder aged beers. This blend of wood rested beers had brettanomyces wild yeast added. It offers nice, big, oaky character balanced by a mild tartness alongside funky brett notes.  


West Coast Style IPA|6.2% ABV

A west coast style IPA brewed with cryo Citra & Simcoe. It has a classic hoppy grapefruit citrus quality with a touch of pine and an orange bouquet that really shines brightly.

Attitude of Gratitude

Double IPA|8% ABV

Attitude of Gratitude is a double IPA brewed with a blend of American hop varieties that lend tropical fruit tones alongside a pleasant piny-like character. 


American DIPA|8.3% ABV

Belmageddon is a DIPA brewed with a blend of hops, with Belma being the focus. This is a big bodied DIPA with lots of strawberry and melon-like aromas and flavors.  

*contains lactose*


English Style Ale|3.8% ABV

Brewed with English malts to create a delightfully malty beer with notes of toffee and caramel, and a touch of cocoa. Great balance and depth of flavor in a small beer.

Bird Sips

American IPA|6.2% ABV

Bird Sips is our Motueka focused IPA. Zesty lime-like citrus with tropical tones. Nelson Sauvin and Sultana play a supporting role rounding out the flavor contributing more tropical depth.

Definition of "Bird Sip" (noun): A hearty and exuberant sip of beer, a sip consisting of great volume. - Named after Josh "Bird" Jayne. 


Bourbon Barrel Aged Old Ale|9.4% ABV

Bygone is our Bulleit Bourbon barrel aged Old Ale. Brimming with complex malt and barrel character. Bygone is deep burgundy in color, notes of brown sugar, fig, marzipan, english toffee and caramel throughout.

Cease and Remain

American IPA|6.4% ABV

This beer was an opportunity for us to experiment with a new hop variety, and work to coax out some of its incredible flavor and aromas. Superdelic hails from New Zealand bringing lots of candy-like tropical character with a really beautiful red fruit quality behind it. We blended Superdelic with a bit of Cashmere to add some depth and a dose of melon-like flavor.


American IPA|6.6% ABV

Continuing with our exploration into new hop varieties, we're featuring a delicious new hop in our latest beer, Chromatism IPA. HBC 586 is a new experimental variety bringing notes of guava, ripened red berry, pink grapefruit and lychee.

Cities and Years

American IPA|6.2% ABV

Cities and Years was brewed with hefty additions of cryo hops in the whirlpool, and dry hopped with a new variety of hop called Sabro (formerly HBC438). Sabro was developed by the same great folks who brought Citra and Mosaic into the world. We’re really loving the character its added to our beer. Pithy stone fruits, and what we can best describe as Starburst candy-like aromas dominate this IPA. 

Coolship Kellerbier

Kellerbier|4.9% ABV

Expressing well defined malt character with an herbaceous hop presence.

Counter Weight 12° Tmavé

Czech-Inspired Lager|4.5% ABV

In Czech, Tmavé means dark - and pivo means beer - here you have, you guessed it - Dark beer! Brewed in the Czech tradition, with a long decoction mash schedule, fermented in open top fermenters and horizontally lagered, CW 12 plato Tmavé Pivo offers up a touch of  coffee like roastiness with some really nice malt sweetness alongside complimenting nuttiness.

Counter Weight Alt Bier

Alt Bier|5.4% ABV

Counter Weight Alt Bier was single decocted and hopped with Spalt and Saaz hops. It has a firm, snappy noble hop presence supported by beautifully defined malt character with a soft biscuity sweetness and a bittersweet nutty finish.

Counter Weight Belgian Pale Ale

Belgian Inspired Ale|4.5% ABV

Bright, herbaceous hop character blends beautifully with the citrus and peppery notes produced by traditional Belgian yeast. Finishing dry with a nice welcoming snap of hop bitterness, our Belgian pale ale makes for a wonderful sunshine sipper.

Counter Weight Dortmunder Export

German Style Lager|5.8% ABV

A German inspired pale lager with a slightly higher abv and a malt character that is a bit more robust than a pilsner but not quite as pronounced as you might find in a pale bock bier. In our CW Dortmunder we reach for balance and find harmony between the accentuated maltiness we achieve from using a blend of beautiful German produced malts and the welcoming fresh cut grass like noble hop character that compliments each sip.

Counter Weight Dunkel

Munich Style Dunkel|5.2% ABV

Our Munich style Dunkel lager presents ruby hues and beautiful rich malt complexity alongside a mild sweetness reminiscent of brown bread with a dry clean finish. Brewed using a long decoction mash schedule and then fermented in our open top fermenters, CW Dunkel brings a taste of Bavaria to CT. 

Counter Weight Grodziskie

Polish Style Smoked Beer|3.4% ABV

We've got a really awesome little beer coming this week! Counter Weight Grodziskie is modeled after traditional small wheat Polish smoked beers. Brewed with 100% oak-smoked wheat and a hearty dose of Czech-sourced hops. Mild but inviting smokey notes in its aroma, with soft smoke and herbal hops meld and bring you back again and again for more. A small beer at just 3.4% ABV that brings a ton of flavor and depth.

Counter Weight Kolsch

German Style Ale|4.8% ABV

Counter Weight Kolsch is made with traditional German ingredients and fermented with a classic kolsch yeast strain. Clean and crisp, our Kolsch was cold conditioned for an extended maturation time. Soft fruity notes, delicate malt-driven sweetness, all leading to a dry pleasant finish.

Counter Weight Maibock

German Style Lager|6.5% ABV

A beer made to celebrate our Anniversary - Maibocks, also known as Hellerbocks, are traditionally brewed to celebrate the arrival of spring. We brewed this beer using German grown barley varieties, a long decoction mashing schedule, open top fermentation, and patient lagering. Each process contributes to creating a rounded soft toasty malt flavor with subtle hints of honey and biscuit. A beautiful malt expression balanced with a delicate floral noble hop presence.

Counter Weight Marzen

German Marzen Lager|5.8% ABV

Our Marzen is a lager to help us start to celebrate Oktoberfest season! We brew this beer with patience and traditional methods to help ensure it has elegant rounded malt character with flavorful depth while tasting super clean and being fit for multiple half liter pours. 

Counter Weight Saison

Classic Wallonian Style Saison|6.6% ABV

A very dry and crisp beer with medium hop bitterness interwoven into layered yeast expression. Notes of pear, white pepper, hay, delicate citrus, and earthy hops. Complex and seriously delicious.

Counter Weight Vienna Lager

Vienna Style Lager|5.2% ABV

CW Vienna Lager, our open-top fermented Austrian-style lager, was conditioned patiently to create next-level drinkability with a distinctly clean and robust malt character. A delicious amber lager with subtly sweet malt flavors, hints of toffee, brown bread, and a touch of herbal hops.

Counter Weight Weissbier

Weissbier|5.2% ABV

Counter Weight Weißbier, our Bavarian-inspired wheat beer, was brewed in the most traditional way possible. Utilizing a wonderful German yeast strain of Bavarian origin, brewed with German malts, single decocted, and open top fermented, our wheat beer has an incredibly expressive classic character of clove and banana that's synonymous with the style.


American IPA|7% ABV

Counterpunch is an IPA focused on Amarillo and Galaxy hops. Very fruity nose, reminiscent of tropical fruits, as well as some grassy notes. A balanced malt backbone lets the hops really present nicely. 

Creature Preacher

American IPA|5.8% ABV

Creature Preacher was first released as a pale ale, and has re-emerged as an IPA brewed with a 50/50 blend of Citra and Galaxy hops. Together they’ve created a beautiful mix of mango and papaya like flavors and aromas. Slightly less alcohol content than our typical IPAs allows this to be more drinkable while not sacrificing any flavor. 

Crimson Briar

Kettle Sour with Raspberries|4.8% ABV

Crimson Briar is a Kettle Sour beer brewed with copious amounts of raspberry. Jammy aroma with mildly tart flavor that finishes with a lot of raspberry.  

CW Doppelbock

Doppelbock|8.6% ABV

Our Doppelbock has dark ruby hues and is filled with notes of caramel and rich toasted brown bread. Wonderfully malty and rounded! 

CW Hefeweizen

Hefeweizen|5.5% ABV

Our take on the classic Bavarian style hefeweizen. Brewed with German pilsner and wheat malt, and hopped with German tettnang hops. The yeast we used provides this beer the classic favors of the German hefeweizen, with predominant notes of banana and clove and a subtle bubblegum flavor on the finish.

CW Pre-pro Lager

Pre-prohibition Lager|4.8% ABV

Step mashed and brewed with a portion of corn grits. Our approach and recipe replicates American beers that were commonly brewed in the early part of the 20th century.
The result is a softly sweet refreshing lager beer that drinks clean and will make you want to pour another. 

CW Rauch Bock

German Style Lager|6.2% ABV

CW Rauch Bock is a full-bodied, malt-forward lager brewed using German ingredients, utilizing decoction mashing, was patiently horizontally lagered, and its tasting really wonderful. Notes of subtly sweet brown bread with balanced and rounded smokiness wrapped up in a drinkable lager with a tremendous depth of malt flavor. 


Pilsner|5.2% ABV

Dalliance combines a beautifully clean German lager yeast, with subtly honey-like malt flavors. The European hop varieties used lend balanced spicy tones, with soft citrus notes.  


Belgian Style Wheat Ale|5% ABV

Daybloom is our Belgian-inspired witbier. Notes of citrus and spice harmoniously mingle in this dry and refreshing wheat beer.

Double Inundation

American DIPA|8.2% ABV

Like Inundation, Double Inundation is also brewed with 100% Citra hops. Double dry hopped, lupulin laden, and hazy, this beer packs a citrus punch.  

Double Talisman

American DIPA|8% ABV

We've utilized an immense amount of Nelson Sauvin to coax out some of the best qualities Nelson has to offer. Pronounced white grape, peach, and some nice tropical qualities really shine.


Czech-style Pilsner|5% ABV

Drevo is an oak conditioned, Czech-style pilsner brewed using Saaz hops and a blend of European grown barley varieties. 


German Style Rauchbier|5.8% ABV

Drudenhaus is our smoked beer inspired by the traditional Rauchbiers brewed in Bamberg, Germany. We used malt produced in Bamberg that was dried over a beechwood fired to create “smoked malt.” This smoked malt imparts big smoky aromas and flavors within a rounded, clean, easy drinking lager beer.  

Edel Pils

German Style Lager|4.8% ABV

A bit of a departure from our standard pilsner base malt, hopping regimen, and house lager yeast, Edel Pils showcases a very floral hop profile with a dry finish and a clean fermentation profile.

Ein Helles

German Helles|5% ABV

Ein Helles was originally brewed to celebrate our one-year anniversary! Brewed with the finest German pilsner malts, and Hallertau hops, this beer is very traditional. Clean, drinkable, with a mild sweet maltiness. 


Dry Irish Stout|4.6% ABV

 This stout offers inviting roasty notes with light cocoa and dark chocolate flavors throughout.


American IPA|6.8% ABV

Continuing with our exploration of hop varieties, we’ve blended a new variety called Mackinac with Sultana (formerly Denali) hops. 

Expressive melon, papaya, and pineapple notes throughout. 


German Style Schwarzbier|5.2% ABV

Fathomist is a German black lager with a rounded flavor, which offers mild roastyness and a touch of caramel presence. Well-defined maltiness, light unsweetened chocolate with a bit of roast. Highly drinkable! 

Fest Bier

German Fest Bier|5.9% ABV

This is a traditional German Fest Bier. Unlike the Marzen style, the traditional fest beer is lighter, drier, and less sweet. Clean and well defined bready malt qualities take center stage.  

Five Houses

American IPA|5.8% ABV

Brewed in collaboration with Coheed and Cambria, Five Houses is hopped with Strata, El Dorado, and Cryo Idaho 7.

Big tangerine-like aromas with hints of passionfruit, watermelon along with a really pleasant hoppy dank quality.

Foreboden Fruit

Flemish style Oud Bruin|6.1% ABV

Our Flemish style oud bruin with blueberries. 

Aged for over a year in freshly emptied Cabernet barrels then rest on fresh blueberries for more than 3 months. Tart, malty, balanced with fruit and funk.


Zwickelbier|3.8% ABV

Framewerk is a low gravity German inspired Zwickelbier. Brewed with a blend of heirloom German Barley varieties to create a full body with complex malt character in a wonderfully drinkable low abv beer. Coming in at 3.8%, biscuity notes of freshly baked sweet bread, light grassy and citrusy noble hop presence rounded within a clean crisp fermentation profile.

Frank the Franconian

Franconian style Kellerbier/Zwickelbier|5.3% ABV

Frank is a hazy, unfiltered lager with balanced, well defined bready maltiness.  Inspired by the keller beers of the Franconian region. 

Fresh Drip

Coffee Porter|5.8% ABV

Fresh Drip was brewed with coffee from The Bean in Cheshire. This years batch results in pronounced notes of coffee with cocoa, dark chocolate, and caramel with a touch of roast in a drinkable dark beer.


West Coast Style IPA|6.6% ABV

Futurist is a west coast leaning super aromatic and hoppy beer that blends Galaxy and Simcoe hops to create peachy and grapefruit-like character in this dry and firmly pleasantly bitter IPA.

Gravity Map

American IPA|7.1% ABV

Continuing with our exploration of new hop varieties, Gravity Map focuses on Lotus hops. 

Lotus offers distinct orange rind-like qualities with bright red berry characteristics.

Hand Off

Hoppy Blonde Ale|5.4% ABV

We took our two favorite new hop varieties, Strata and Riwaka, and blended them within a super drinkable, massively aromatic blonde ale.

Hand Up

Hoppy Blonde Ale|5.4% ABV

Hand Up is an American Style Blond Ale. Lower abv and lighter, easy drinking beer for the warmer weather. It was brewed with Cryo hops (Cryo hops are hops that have had the vegetal material removed and is only the goodies in the hops - i.e. the lupulin, oils and other components responsible for flavor and aroma). So a nice rounded grassy, fruity, and citric character to make the lighter beer interesting to drink. 


West Coast Style IPA|6.2% ABV

Harmonist is a west coast inspired IPA with firm balanced bitterness combined with aromatic tropical fruit along with some nice pine character. Focusing on a blend of southern hemisphere hops including Riwaka, Motueka, and a new favorite for us, Pacific Sunrise. This blend creates lots of expressive and unique hop character within a clean and dry yeast character.


Mexican Chocolate Imperial Stout|10% ABV

Well integrated notes of chocolate with a blend of spices within a big full bodied imperial milk stout.

Hex Coconut Macaroon

Imperial Milk Stout|10% ABV

This year's Hex brings toasted coconut, chocolate, and vanilla into the mix. Full-bodied, decadent, and delicious!

Ho Ho Hope for the Kids

American IPA|6.4% ABV

Ho Ho Hope for the Kids is a holiday spin on No Hope for the Kids. The biggest difference is a portion of the can sales will be donated to a different youth charity in CT each year! Dry hopped with a blend of Columbus, Mosaic, and Simcoe, this version lends bright grapefruit aromas with distinct stone fruit and pine flavors. This year a portion of proceeds will benefit the Connecticut Children's Foundation.


American IPA|6.3% ABV

Inundation is brewed with 100% Citra hops, as well as dry hopped with Citra lupulin powder. Citrus flavor dominates.  


Czech-Style Pale Lager|4.6% ABV

Our 11° P Kazbek pale lager was decocted, open top fermented, horizontally lagered and is drinking beautifully.
With slightly more sweet fruit undertones but with plenty of classic herbal Saaz like presence wrapped up with pronounced rounded malt, we're excited to share this beer with you.


American IPA|5.8% ABV

Brewed with a blend of Amarillo, Nelson, and Citra. Blending stonefruit with white grape and grapefruit. Medium bodied, aromatic, with a touch of dank hop character in the finish.

Long Bright World

American IPA|6.5% ABV

Long Bright World IPA features Pacific Sunrise hops. Passionfruit, lime, with ripened berry like character all balance well with each other. 


American Style IPA|6.5% ABV

Taking inspiration from the classic American IPA, Luminist shines light upon expressive hop aroma with a firm and pleasant bitterness complimented by resinous hop-derived citrus flavors. Luminist delivers aromatic and flavorful balance through clear scenery.


Foeder Conditioned Beer|6.2% ABV

Lydian is a foeder conditioned beer that was fermented with a blend of saison yeast, wild yeast, and lactic bacteria. 

The result is a delightfully tart beer with light peachy, lemony, oaky, and funky tones throughout. 

Meet Me At The Top

Kolsch|4.8% ABV

Meet at the Top Kolsch is a very clean, highly drinkable beer with a dry finish that achieves wonderful balance. Brewed with our friends at East Rock Brewing, this beer is a celebration of a shared passion for beer rooted in tradition.


American DIPA|8.2% ABV

Megaton DIPA brings a blend of unique, expressive hop varieties together to emphasize tangerine-like flavors with notes of mango and fresh-cut melon.


Spontaneous|5.9% ABV

When Counter Weight first started we had many conceptual goals that we hoped to accomplish as we moved forward. One of which was to eventually be able to create 100% spontaneously fermented beers inspired by educational trips through Belgium. After more than 4 years of lessons learned, barrels dumped, and the joy of seeing some spontaneous beer have tasty depth in aroma and flavor we finally have our first 100% spontaneously fermented beer to share with you. Metanoia is a blend of 1 and 2 year old spontaneous barrels rested on Carignan wine grapes. The result is a beer with notes of juicy ripe raspberry, tart pomegranate, subtle spice with a bright acidity. It's almost hard for us to believe that the conceptualization of this beer began more than 5 years ago and is in bottles and ready to be enjoyed.  

Midnight Briar

Kettle Sour With Blackberry & Blueberry|4.8% ABV

Midnight Briar is a Kettle Sour style beer made with Blackberry and Blueberry. 



Mindflow IPA brings a unique blend of global hop varieties delivering a harmony of citrus,  passion fruit, and orange rind. While Nelson takes center stage, classic American hop varieties support and help to create depth of aroma and flavor. 

Mug Club IPA

American IPA|6.5% ABV

For this year's Mug Club beer we used cryo Talus and our hand selected Mosaic to create an incredibly aromatic and delicious IPA that brings big candied pink grapefruit, orange rind, and tropical tones together. Flaked oats contribute to a nice soft and fluffy mouthfeel. Cheers to our awesome Mug Club members!!

Negative Exposure

American IPA|6.4% ABV

Negative Exposure is brewed with a blend of some of our favorite new hop varieties we've been exploring. HBC 692, Vic Secret, and a touch of Lotus bring their unique and distinctive characteristics together to create very well defined citrus fruit qualities!

No Hope for the Kids

American IPA|6.4% ABV

The flavor of this Mosaic hop focused American IPA is big on pineapple, hoppy dankness, along with some nice tangerine notes. 

Noble Souls

Coolship Lager|5.2% ABV

A special project in collaboration with our friends from Troegs Independent Brewing in Hershey, PA, we are excited to share "Noble Souls" Coolship Lager. Providing a gentle sweet and bready character, and hopped in the coolship to provide an herbaceous balance, this lager delivers a refined balance in aroma, flavor and is incredibly drinkable.


American IPA|6.4% ABV

Non-Euclidian is 100% hopped with southern hemisphere hop varieties. Bringing together three distinctly unique hops creating zesty citrus, lychee, with ripe mango-like attributes. Incredibly balanced and drinkable.


Czech-Inspired Pale Lager|4% ABV

Otava is our 10° Czech-inspired pale lager, brewed using traditional methods and ingredients to create a flavor profile reminiscent of the small lagers served in pubs throughout the Czech Republic. Otava is only the second Czech-inspired beer we've brewed here at CW as our team has worked to best understand process and tradition before creating an example of a style to share with our guests. Otava exhibits soft and delicate honey-like maltiness with firm but balanced classic saaz hop notes.


IPA|6.8% ABV

Overtravel focuses on a new hop variety - HBC 692. It originates from the Hop Breeding Company and is in its infancy. We were fortunate to get to try some great beers at hop harvest this past year using this hop and knew we wanted to brew with it. Unique pink grapefruit, rosewood, and orange rind like flavors and aromas are some if its characteristics. 

Pajama Pants

American IPA|5.5% ABV

Pajama Pants is a softer IPA with peachy undertones, and a nice rounded malt character. It is brewed with Amarillo and Rakau hops, which contribute to the stone fruity flavor and aroma. 


American Wheat Beer|5.5% ABV

Clean hop character, light bodied beer with a dry hoppy finish. Amarillo cryo brings sweet citrusy orange and lemon like flavor and aroma.

Persica Dawn

American Sour|4.8% ABV

Persica Dawn is an American sour made with peach and raspberry.

Precious Petals

American IPA|6.2% ABV

Precious Petals IPA is brewed with a unique blend of hops to express well-defined characteristics of pink grapefruit and juicy tangerine with tropical papaya notes.

Proper Pause

Table Beer|5.5% ABV

This beer spent more than a year resting in barrels with multiple strains of wild yeast and then conditioned in the bottle for more than 7 years. 

The result is a beer with lots of nice Brett characteristics. Some pineapple like flavors, light oak, and some nice funky tones too.

Protect Ya Nect

American IPA|6.8% ABV

Protect Ya Nect is hopped with Nectaron hops. This new exquisite variety is bringing some serious aromatic depth with expressive flavors. It's got the qualities of ripe juicy nectarine with a character reminiscent of blood orange.


American IPA|6.2% ABV

Rarefaction is brewed with a blend of Northern and Southern Hemisphere hops to create wonderful mango, stone fruit, and big tangerine throughout.

Remix Grisette

Grisette|4.3% ABV

Farmhouse-inspired Grisette expressing yeast-driven complexity with peppery notes intertwined with citrus in a dry light bodied beer. 

Resident Revenant

Baltic Porter|8% ABV

Our collaboration with Hope Gallery consists of malt driven chocolate and caramel notes with undertones of dark fruity plum and date like flavors. Fermented cold, patiently lagered, and dark as night.

Rest In Peaches

Wild Ale with Peaches|6.6% ABV

Rest in Peaches is a blend of one and two year old mix fermentation barrel aged beers that were racked into stainless. This blend rested on Cheshire grown peaches from Drazen Orchards for four more months. The result is a beer that we're happy to share with you for our three year anniversary!

Peachy, tart, funk.

Rising Hope

American IPA|6.5% ABV

We're happy to have been asked to participate in brewing a beer for a great cause. One brewery from each state is participating in brewing Rising Hope IPA in order to raise money for the Pediatric Cancer Foundation and we're proud to represent Connecticut in this effort. 100% of the proceeds from the beer will be donated to the Pediatric Cancer Foundation.

Brewed with a wonderful blend of Azaca, Equanot, and Simcoe Rising Hops IPA is filled with bright pithy citrus with a backdrop of red berry notes

Riwaka Sock 'Em Robots

American IPA|6.5% ABV

Riwaka hails from New Zealand and brings a focused exemplification of what unique hop varieties can contribute to a beer. Bringing layered and unmistakable citrus, mandarin orange, and a blend of tropical fruits.

Saison Sauvage

Mixed Fermentation Blended Saison|6.8% ABV

A mixed fermentation blended saison. Co-Fermented with wild yeast and bacteria creating a funky, tart, lemon like citrus character. Big on the funk and medium on the tart.

Second Furrow

Farmhouse Ale|6.4% ABV

You may remember "First Furrow", the collaboration foeder Czech Pilsner brewed with our friends at Fox Farm Brewery last year. Last October we got together with our friends again to make Second Furrow. This beer is the culmination of some Connecticut ingredients coming together in the spirit of collaboration to make something delicious. Native CT honey was added in the coolship, the beer was fermented and conditioned with a blend of our collective mixed cultures, and then it rested on CT grown St Croix grapes that Zack and Dave were generous enough to share with us. The result is a farmhouse ale with distinct funky and fruity characteristics with balanced acidity.


Kellerbier|4.7% ABV

Seilda Kellerbier is a malt forward, easy-drinking German-inspired lager. Soft notes of crusty brown bread blended with light herbal noble hop character in a light Amber colored mildly hazy beer. Its well balanced flavor, sturdy white foam, and noble hop presence make for a beer that we hope fills your mug again and again.

Short Wave

American IPA|5.8% ABV

Hopped with Sabro and El Dorado this one's giving off some big tropical fruit flavors. We're getting some Watermelon and Papaya character.

Show Pony

Pilsner|5% ABV

 Show Pony is a pilsner that was dry hopped with Hallertau, Mittelfruh, and Saaz hops, and conditioned in our oak foeder. The result is a combination of well-integrated notes of hay, dried flowers, mild noble hop spice, and a soft oakiness.


Slumbering Behemoth

Imperial Stout|10% ABV

Big rich body, lots of dark chocolate, caramel-like flavors and aromas. Some fig and dark fruit notes emerge as the beer warms.

Slumbering Behemoth - Bourbon Barrel Aged

Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout|10% ABV

Slumbering Behemoth - Aged in bourbon barrels! Big rich body, lots of dark chocolate, caramel-like flavors and aromas. Some fig and dark fruit notes emerge as the beer warms.

Slumbering Behemoth - French Toast

Imperial Milk Stout|10% ABV

Maple Bourbon Barrel Aged Slumbering Behemoth with cinnamon and vanilla "French toast."

Slumbering Behemoth-Maple Bourbon

Maple Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout|10% ABV

Slumbering Behemoth, aged in maple bourbon barrels. 

Smoked Ein

Smoked Helles Style Lager|5% ABV

Smoked Ein Helles shares its regional inspiration with our Frank and Drudenhaus and we are happy to add Smoked Ein Helles to our ever growing rotating lager lineup.


American IPA|6.8% ABV

Brewed with El Dorado to bring a big tangerine and orange citrus flavor. Soft rounded mouthfeel with balanced hop bitterness.

Space Coyote

American IPA|6% ABV

Space Coyote is a Galaxy focused IPA. Big passionfruit, citrus, and pineapple aromas dominate this wonderfully hop forward yet balanced beer. 

Spiral Architect - Blue Label

American DIPA|8.2% ABV

This Spiral Architect is brewed with El Dorado and Citra hops. Big orange and tangerine flavors dominate, and it has been described as orange life savers. A mild malt backbone lets these hop varieties shine.  

Spiral Architect - Green Label

American Double IPA|8.2% ABV

Spiral Architect's framework is built from massive whirlpool and dry hop additions of resinous hops. Mango and orange like aromas and flavor lead the character with floral undertones.


White Beer|5% ABV

Spire is a Belgian inspired Wit beer. Delicate yeast driven spice reminiscent of white pepper and clove intermingle with a complimenting light citrus undertones. Light and refreshing with lots of complex character.

Sticky Threads

American IPA|7% ABV

Sticky Threads IPA was brewed with Incognito Citra and blended with Cryo Amarillo.


American DIPA|8.2% ABV

Our first double IPA with Strata hops, Stratacalysm intensifies the passionfruit and tropical qualities of the Strata variety in this rounded and balanced double IPA. Aromatic with a soft and pillowy mouthfeel. 


American IPA|6.9% ABV

Stratagem is part of our ongoing exploration into what hoppy IPA's can be. Stratagem utilizes a new variety called Strata in the whirlpool and dry hop. Bright expressive berry notes with some really nice grapefruit alongside super dank qualities. 


West Coast Style IPA|6.8% ABV

New strata hopped west coast leaning ipa. Piny and fruity hop profile with firm bitterness and a dry crackery malt presence. 


Fruited Foeder Wild Ale|6.2% ABV

Subtitles is a raspberry foeder aged wile ale brewed in collaboration with our pals at Aslin Beer Company.

The wort for this beer was brewed 18 months ago and had been patiently resting in a 30 year old calvados foeder with our house culture. Moved to stainless where it matured with raspberries.

Tart, oaky, jammy.

Sunday Gravy

Pilsner|5.2% ABV

Sunday Gravy is our Italian style pilsner dry hopped with Saphir and Perle, and made with European malts, Sunday Gravy is unfiltered, dry, and hoppy. 


American IPA|6.5% ABV

Originally released as an Audition, Superfluous graduated! Double dry hopped with a focus on Mosaic and Citra hops, it offers a mix of tropical fruit, and some nice dankness. Big orange rind notes, with a backdrop of mango and pineapple. An aromatic treat! 


West Coast Style IPA|6.2% ABV

Symmetrist IPA brings big bright citrus together 
with a firm but welcoming bitterness. Dry with subtle
malt character leaving lots of room for the hops to 
be wonderfully expressive. 


American IPA|6.3% ABV

Talisman was brewed with Nelson Sauvin and Motueka hops. This hazy IPA has nice white wine, tropical, and stone fruit-like flavors and aromas. 


American Pale Ale|5.2% ABV

Time Stamp is a classic American pale ale brewed with Columbus, Centennial, and Citra hops, and fermented with a classically clean American yeast strain that is synonymous with American Pale Ale. We get wonderful marmalade orange-like aromas wrapped up in a sturdy malt backbone.

Total Inundation

American TIPA|9.8% ABV

The final saga in the Inundation series. Total inundation brings the hopocalypse. Wave after wave of Citra thrill your senses in this intense citrus thrill ride. #getinundated

Uncanny Valley

American IPA|6.5% ABV

Uncanny Valley combines Idaho 7 with a blend of New Zealand grown Riwaka and a new variety known as Moutere. We're getting lots of tangerine, stone fruit, a bit of pine, and a really nice dank quality. We've blended these hop varieties and fermented this batch with a thiolized yeast to continue our exploration into working to pull all the character out of each hop variety we get to use. 

Van Art

German Gose|4.4% ABV

Gose is a German style of beer that originated in the 16th century. Characteristics are mainly refreshing with a mild tartness, blended with balanced salinity. Van Art includes pink Himalayan sea salt, coriander, raspberry, blackberry, and blueberry.  

Van Art Paloma

Gose Style Ale|4.3% ABV

Generous amounts of grapefruit, supported by refreshing lime all complimented by a bit of sea salt.

Vertical Circle

American IPA|6.5% ABV

We've experimented with some new ingredients and techniques to bring you a brand new Counter Weight IPA. The result is Vertical Circle - a beer that is especially aromatic and immensely expressive.

Bringing these new techniques and ingredients together has created levels of passionfruit, pineapple, and white grape-like notes in this beer that really blew us away. Hopped with Mosaic and Nelson Sauvin, Vertical Circle IPA expresses huge tropical fruit, big citrus, and a vinous Sauvignon Blanc-like notes that we're loving. Topical and fruity with big aromatics, and simply tasting incredible.


Mixed Fermentation|6.6% ABV

More than 18 months in the making, Vitalis is a blend of mix fermentation white wine barrel aged beers that then rested on Marsanne and Roussanne grapes. The result is a wonderfully complex and layered beer offering juicy pear, fresh cut cantaloupe, melon, with vibrant interwoven acidity. Its oakiness helps to bridge its funk, tart, and fruit qualities. Our aim was to bring the lovely attributes of these grape varieties in the world of beer to create a unique and delicious experience. We love the results and hope you do too.


Czech Style Pilsner|4.8% ABV

Vltava Czech style pilsner is constructed from bohemian pilsner malt to provide a full body and complex maltiness intertwined with some beautifully expressive Saaz hops.  


American Oatmeal Stout|7% ABV

An evolution of Void, Voided utilizes six different malts to achieve chocolate, caramel, and pronounced coffee-like flavors and aromas. Light roast undertones accompany a fully viscous mouthfeel.

Vulture Culture

American DIPA|8% ABV

Vulture Culture was originally released as Double Galaxy in the Audition series. It is brewed exclusively with Galaxy hops from Australia. More than three pounds per barrel of dry hopping lends lots of passionfruit and orange pith notes, followed by a soft, rounded malt backbone which compliments the massive Galaxy hop presence.  

Weight in Gold

Belgian Style Golden Ale|7.2% ABV

Our Belgian-style golden ale was designed to draw out a beautiful depth of complexity from our yeasts that reminds us of some of the classic Belgian ales we've fallen in love with over the years. Made with a blend of two traditional Belgian yeast strains co-fermented together to create a wonderful profile that expresses notes of white pepper, cardamom, and clove, with soft pear-like fruity esters in the foreground. Finishing dry with a complimenting herbaceous noble hoppiness. 

Weight Of Eight Mixed Pack

Variety Pack|0% ABV

This mix pack includes 8 - 16oz cans: 3 Headway IPA, 3 Workhorse Pilsner, and 2 Daybloom Witbier.

A perfect balance of style and flavor for all occasions in the company of friends!

Weight Of Eight Mixed Pack

Variety Pack|0% ABV

This mix pack includes 8 - 16oz cans: 3 Headway IPA, 3 Workhorse Pilsner, and 2 Ho Ho Hope For The Kids IPA.

A perfect balance of style and flavor for all occasions in the company of friends!

Weight OF Eight Mixed Pack

Variety Pack|0% ABV

This mix pack includes 8 - 16oz cans: 3 Headway IPA, 3 Workhorse Pilsner, and 2 Fest Bier German Style Lager.

A perfect balance of style and flavor for all occasions in the company of friends!

Weight of Victory

Vienna Lager|5.3% ABV

A clean, highly drinkable amber lager with a beautiful ruby hue made with our friends from Victory Brewing Company. Light toasted malt qualities meld seamlessly together with a balanced soft malt sweetness leading to a wonderful crisp finish. 

Victory's brewmaster Bill Covaleski brought his unique perspective on the Vienna lager style to the collaborative process. That perspective was gained through a trip to Vienna where he sought to learn more about Vienna malt as it was created by Anton Dreher. A visit to Anton's still operating brewery Schwechat and the ruins of what used to be their malt house made for a truly unforgettable experience and we thank Bill for sharing his knowledge and experience with us.

Where Do We Go From Here?

American IPA|6.4% ABV

We used two of the newer hops out there today - Strata and Vic Secret - to create a unique drinking experience for the hoppy beer drinker. Gummy peach rings, grapefruit, and cannabis are some of its prominent qualities. 

Wire Work

American IPA|6.6% ABV

Wire Work blends some hop varieties that we've just gotten to know over the last few years together with an old favorite. Nectaron and Riwaka being some of the most exquisite and exciting new varieties to brew with, meets El Dorado to make for a beer with huge tropical aromatics and a unique zesty citrus character.

Wizard Fight

American DIPA|8.2% ABV

Piney incantations clash and merge with fruity hexes in this epic wizard fight. You are drawn in by the aroma, casting its spell on your senses. Melding notes of stone fruit with floral undertones. The battle is ongoing.

Zen Arcade


Teeming with a few of our favorite hop varieties in exorbitant amounts. Massive citrus, pineapple, guava, with rounded hop bitterness intertwined with a lush mouthfeel with malt balance. 

Retired Brews

967 Main Street

American IPA|6.9% ABV

967 Main St. was brewed to celebrate Willimantic Brewing’s 21st anniversary in collaboration with Ben from Hog River, Jon Stack of HDI, John Brisson from Booze Barn, and Tyler from Outer lights. Dave at Willimantic was one of the very first breweries in our region to brew big, hop forward IPAs that focused on flavor and aroma, not just the bittering factor – truly a pioneer for CT! 967 is hopped generously with Columbus, Amarillo, Galaxy and Citra hops, providing nice punchy grapefruit qualities, along with some nice big pine components. 

Aramis Pilsner

German Pilsner|5.4% ABV

Aramis is a German pilsner brewed with 100% French Aramis hops. A light, crisp, and dry malt character comes from Weyermann Floor Malted barley. The Aramis hops lend a nice, rounded, spicy and herbal quality followed by light citrus notes. Extremely drinkable – a real crusher! Aramis is one of Matt’s top three favorite Counterweight beers. 

Ceno Stout

Imperial Stout|9.5% ABV

This big, rich imperial stout was brewed in collaboration with our friends at Hope Gallery. Ceno was brewed with seven different malts to achieve complex chocolate, coffee, caramel, and mild roasty notes. 

Cohesive Resistance

American DIPA|8.2% ABV

Cohesive Resistance was brewed in collaboration with our friends at Lasting Brass Brewing Co. in Watertown. It focuses Denali hops. Denali is a newer hop variety that has been described as having defined Pineapple-like qualities. 

Common Anomaly

American Wild Ale|6.4% ABV

This tart beer was fermented with 100% Brettanomyces yeast. The yeast lends a distinct barnyard funk, and some light fruity qualities as well. Complex, dry, and tart. 

Fruit variations:

  • Cherry
  • Raspberry
  • Blackberry

Cotter Pin Pale Ale

American Pale Ale|5.3% ABV

Cotter Pin is hopped exclusively with Amarillo and German Hallertau Blanc hops.  Bright, well defined hop aroma with notes of citrus fruit, grapey earthiness. Dry and refreshing, this is an easy drinker! 

CW Wit

Belgian Style Wit Beer|5% ABV

Counterweight Wit is our take on a traditional style Belgian Wit Beer; perfect for spring and warmer weather. Light and easy drinking, but with some nice depth and complexity. Subtle peppery notes with some mild lemony and orange citrus. 

Dead of Summer 2

Berliner Weisse with Boysenberry|4.8% ABV

We’re happy to be teaming up with our friends at Hope Gallery again for this beer. Dead of Summer 2 is a Berliner Weisse style beer with boysenberry.  

Denali Pale Ale

American Pale Ale|5.6% ABV

Denali Pale Ale is a balanced American Pale Ale. The flavor is reminiscent of dank pineapples.  

Disposition IPA

American IPA|5.8% ABV

A blend of hops provides huge candied peach notes, with some nice light herbal tones as well.  

Doom City

American IPA|6.6% ABV

Doom City was brewed with Citra, Simcoe, and Columbus hops. Fermented with Chico ale yeast. This beer has a clean malt background and big classic citrus and grapefruit qualities.

Doom City 2

IPA|6.6% ABV

Doom City 2 was brewed with Simcoe, Galaxy, and Mosaic hops. 

Doppelbock with Stoettner

Doppelbock|8% ABV

Brewed in collaboration with Stoettner Brewery from Pfaffenberg, this beer is rich and complex with notes of caramel, coffee chocolate, and dried fruits. 


English Style Porter|6% ABV

This porter was brewed using English marris otter, German roasted malts, American hops and our house yeast. Layered with flavors of dark chocolate and coffee, accented by a touch of sweetness while still remaining highly drinkable.


Amber Kellerbier|4.9% ABV

Brewed in collaboration with our good friends at The Hops Company in Derby. Created to celebrate their 5 year anniversary, we're very excited to offer this beautiful oak conditioned, full bodied german style lager filled with wonderful malt depth reminiscent of freshly baked crusty bread with a delicate sweetness and incredible drinkability.

Enigma IPA

American IPA|6.5% ABV

In this iteration of our Audition series, we used a new hop from the southern hemisphere called Enigma. A unique hope with some qualities reminiscent of Nelson Sauvin, this hop offers peachiness as well as some green pepper and white grape notes. 

Ghosts of IPAs Past

American IPA|6.5% ABV

Ghosts of IPAs past is an American IPA modeled off of the more traditional American IPAs of the past 20 years. A classic blend of Centennial and Cascade hops are used to create piney and light citrus notes throughout. The Cascade used in this batch were grown in Morris, CT.  

Group Chat

Pilsner|5.8% ABV

Brewed in collaboration with our friends at Jack’s Abby brewing, this pilsner is a pleaser. German noble hops are joined by Pallisade and Citra to create a delicate, yet rounded hop experience in a clean, highly drinkable pilsner.  

Hadron Kaleidoscope

American IPA|6.2% ABV

This IPA was brewed in collaboration with Banded Brewing from Maine. Maine grown wheat and oats were used in this beer, as well as Ella and Azaca hops. Flavor has a really nice mango quality with tangerine notes and a touch of sappy pine. 


American IPA|6.8% ABV

Headwaves was made with the spirit of collaboration with our friends at Stellwagen Beer Co. utilizing Citra, Mosaic, Nelson Sauvin hops.

Hefeweizen with Stoettner

Hefeweizen|5.5% ABV

We are honored to brew this classic Bavarian style hefeweizen with Privatbrauerie Stoettner from Pfaffenberg, Germany. Big clove like aromas and flavors with really nice traditional banana esters. Flavor is much the same with nice phenolic yeast qualities and fruity esters. Well rounded and very drinkable. 


Imperial Milk Stout|10% ABV

An Imperial Milk Stout with Chocolate and Dulce de Leche


*contains lactose*

Hex Toasted Almond Torte

Imperial Milk Stout|10% ABV

Brewed with copious amounts of toasted almonds and accented with vanilla. Big luscious mouthfeel with balanced roastiness. 

Hex w/Cinnamon, Vanilla, Chocolate

Imperial Milk Stout|10% ABV

An imperial milk stout with cinammon, vanilla, and chocolate.

*contains lactose*


American IPA|6.8% ABV

Level is a new IPA collaborated on with our buds down at Tribus!

Same base consisting of oat and wheat heavy grist bills - one version brewed at Tribus and hopped with all Northern Hemisphere hops, and a version brewed here at Counter Weight brewed with all Southern Hemisphere hops.
Counter Weight Level is hopped with Vic Secret, Nelson Sauvin, and Zamba.

Tribus Level is hopped with Strata, Talus, and Belma.



American DIPA|8% ABV

Lustration DIPA is brewed with three varieties of hops, coming together to create big melon, nice orange rind, and light piney qualities. Huge aroma with soft, rounded flavors.  

Mixed Cassette Grisette

Grisette|5.4% ABV

Mixed Cassette Grissette is a quaffable, refreshing beer brewed with Spelt, Oats, and white wheat. Traditional yeast lends big, aromatic, and flavorful qualities to this small beer. Each batch is hopped with a blend of American and European hop varieties.

People Power

American Pale Ale|5.4% ABV

We're proud to be participating in the People Power Beer initiative to benefit the American Civil Liberties Union and their continued work in protecting the rights and liberties of all Americans

Our People Power beer is a quintessential American style - an American Pale Ale. Brewed with hearty additions of Nelson Sauvin and Sultana, with a touch of Vic Secret. The sticky pineapple and bright citrus notes are supported by a base with lots of wheat and oats.

Pound for Pound

American IPA|7.1% ABV

A collaboration with our pals at Industrial Arts Brewing. Made with CT and NY state ingredients, dry hopped with BRU-1, Citra, and Vic Secret. We're glad we got to share in some of their brewing magic because this beer is jam packed with a big candied pineapple aroma alongside notes of mango and papaya.

Saison du Raccio

Saison|6.5% ABV

Saison du Raccio consists of notes of black pepper, yeasty, spicy characteristics, with a balanced, dry crackers malt profile.  Dry and very drinkable. 

Slumbering Behemoth - Coffee Vanilla

Maple Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout w/Coffee Vanilla|10% ABV

Our imperial stout aged in barrels that once held bourbon and then maple syrup. We then added fresh locally roasted coffee and vanilla beans to compliment the naturally occurring oaky vanilla tones alongside the roasty coffee notes. The result is a warming stout with bold flavor perfect for sipping. 

Something Witty

Belgian Style Witbier|5% ABV

Something Witty is a Belgian style wit bier with banana and pear esters, accentuated by a nice spicy backdrop. It was originally released in the Audition series. An easy drinking summer beer!  


American IPA|6.1% ABV

Soundcheck is the first in our Audition series, and was brewed with Mosaic lupulin powder to give it that extra oomph! Lupulin powder is a byproduct of the hop separation process, and provides intense hop flavors and aromas. Soundcheck provides soft balanced flavors with a fruity and piney nose.  


American Pale Ale|5.6% ABV

Sow Pale Ale uses a blend of Nelson and Citra hops. This super drinkable pale ale offers rounded mango and light peach qualities in the aroma and flavor.  

Space Coyote (Black Label)

American IPA|6.8% ABV

Space Coyote began as an exploratory series of IPAs, rotating between two primary versions. The black label was made with Simcoe and Equanot hops. Melon, pine, and orange qualities were front and center with this version of Space Coyote.  

Space Coyote (Pink Label)

American IPA|6.8% ABV

Space Coyote began as an exploratory series of IPAs, rotating between two primary versions. The pink label utilized newer American hops, mainly Idaho 7. It offered notes of papaya and apricot. 

Space Coyote (Yellow Label)

American IPA|6.8% ABV

Space Coyote began as an exploratory series of IPAs, rotating between two primary versions. The yellow label focused on newer varieties of Southern hemisphere hops. Vic Secret was used to lend peachy stone fruit qualities, while Melba provided soft, earthy , grapefruit-like qualities. 

Supernatural Selection

American DIPA|8.5% ABV

Supernatural Selection is a double IPA brewed with copious amounts of Galaxy and Mosaic hops. Notes of mango, papaya, and candied sugar. Smooth, yet lingering bitterness, and extremely drinkable.  

Too Close to the TV

American IPA|6.8% ABV

Too Close to the TV is an American IPA with intense mandarin orange and tangerine like characteristics. A sturdy body supports the deluge of fruit forward hop varieties in this beer.  

Van Art Strawberry Lemon

Gose|4.4% ABV

This year our gose inspired beer is brewed with Strawberry, Lemon, and pink Himalayan salt. The result is a super refreshing beer with pleasant tartness rounded out with fresh fruit character.

Van Art Tart Cherry Key Lime

Fruited Gose|4.4% ABV

This version of Van Art is brewed with Key Lime, Tart Cherry, and Himalayan pink salt. Limey and tart with subtle cherry flavors.

Velocirapture IPA

American IPA|6.8% ABV

Velocirapture premiered as an Audition beer, and advanced to its own brand. This beer is brewed with a blend of hops, including Simcoe and Ekuanot. It offers classic grapefruit-like hop flavor and aroma, with more subtle pine, and light white grape-like notes. 

Vic Secret/Enigma Pale Ale

American Pale Ale|5.7% ABV

Brewed with two varieties of hops from the southern hemisphere. Vic Secret lends a peachy and passionfruit-like quality alongside the more drank, white grape and green pepper qualities of Enigma.  


Foeder Saison|6.2% ABV

Vignette is a mix culture Saison, fermented with various strains of lactobacillus and brettanomyces and then aged in a foeder for over a year.

Moderate citrus, soft oak, mild tartness and a hint of brett funk.

This saison is an expression of time, care and evolution.


American Oatmeal Stout|7% ABV

Void utilizes six different malts to achieve chocolate, caramel, and pronounced coffee-like flavors and aromas. Light roast undertones accompany a fully viscous mouthfeel.

Void with Coconut

American Oatmeal Stout|7% ABV

Void is brewed with roasted malts and oats to provide chocolate and coffee aromas within a full-bodied stout. This version is brewed with toasted coconut. 

Void with Coffee

American Oatmeal Stout|7% ABV

Void is brewed with roasted malts and oats to provide chocolate and coffee aromas within a full-bodied stout. This version is brewed with coffee from The Bean Coffee Roasters in Cheshire, CT. 

Weisses & Virtues (Mango & Apricot)

Berliner Weisse with Mango & Apricot|4.4% ABV

Weisses & Virtues is a Berliner Weisse beer brewed with mango and apricot. It is lightly tart with big mango and apricot flavor and aroma. 

Weisses & Virtues (Peach)

Berliner Weisses with Peach|4.5% ABV

This iteration of Weisses & Virtues is brewed with peach. Lightly tart and clean with big, rounded peach aroma and flavor. Low alcohol content while being vey refreshing. A great summer beer!  

Wet Hopped American Lager

American Lager|5.6% ABV

Brewed in collaboration with our friends at Tribus, this lager is brewed with hops grown locally at Four Star Farms in Massachusettes. These fresh hops make this one lemongrass and grapefruity forward hoppy lager!