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6.5% ABV

Headway IPA is brewed with four varieties of American hops. Headway blends these hop varieties in the kettle and in the dry hopping stages to allow these varietals to be bright and expressive.

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7.0% ABV

Void utilizes six different malts to achieve chocolate, caramel, and pronounced coffee-like flavors and aromas. Light roast undertones accompany a fully viscous mouthfeel.

Space Coyote

6.0% ABV

Space Coyote is a rotating series of IPA's that uses an alternating selection of hop varieties. Each batch will utilize these new hop varieties to help us explore combinations and what each hop has to offer.


German Keller Pilsner |
5.0% ABV

Workhorse Pilsner is forged from traditional German ingredients, unfiltered, and dry hopped with noble hops. Grassy lemon citric notes mingle with a clean German Malt flavor. Refined yet unfettered, aggressively hopped yet balanced. Brewed to be seriously drinkable.

Spiral Architect

8.2% ABV

Spiral Architect's framework is built from massive whirlpool and dry hop additions of resinous hops. Mango and orange like aromas and flavor lead the character with floral undertones.

Wizard Fight

8.0% ABV

Piney incantations clash and merge with fruity hexes in this epic wizard fight. You are drawn in by the aroma, casting its spell on your senses. Melding notes of stone fruit with floral undertones. The battle is ongoing.

Mixed Cassette Grisette

Grisette |
5.4% ABV

Mixed Cassette Grissette is a quaffable, refreshing beer brewed with Spelt, Oats, and white wheat. Traditional yeast lends big, aromatic, and flavorful qualities to this small beer. Each batch is hopped with a blend of American and European hop varieties.


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About Us

At Counterweight, we are passionate about beer.

Brewing it, drinking it, and sharing it.

Our goal is to continuously honor long-held brewing traditions while exploring new and innovative methods to highlight each ingredient and delight your palate with every sip.

We’ll delve into passion projects focused on wild yeast and wood aging, while continuing to evolve the definition of what a big, flavorful, hoppy beer can be.

From beautiful, rustic Belgian ales and refined, sturdy German lagers to bright, hop-forward American IPA's, we will venture on an exciting odyssey of brewing.

As we explore, we hope that you’ll join us.


THURS  3:00 PM – 8:00 PM
FRI  3:00 PM – 9:00 PM
SAT  12:00 PM – 9:00 PM
SUN 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Where to find us...

We're located at 23 Raccio Park Rd, located at the bottom of the road. The taprooms are to the left of the building. Parking may look limited, but you can park around the back too! We have rotating availability of cans to go. Growler fills coming soon! as well as 1/2 and full pours of our offerings in the tap rooms.

We welcome all, well behaved pups, and kids alike. Come check us out! Feel free to email us with any questions.

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