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Cities and Years

American IPA|6.2% ABV

Cities and Years was brewed with hefty additions of cryo hops in the whirlpool, and dry hopped with a new variety of hop called Sabro (formerly HBC438). Sabro was developed by the same great folks who brought Citra and Mosaic into the world. We’re really loving the character its added to our beer. Pithy stone fruits, and what we can best describe as Starburst candy-like aromas dominate this IPA. 

Counter Weight 12° Tmave´

Czech-Inspired Lager|4.5% ABV

In Czech, T'mave means dark - and pivo means beer - here you have, you guessed it - Dark beer!

Brewed in the Czech tradition, with a long decoction mash schedule, fermented in open top fermenters, and horizontally lagered, T'mave Pivo is our new 4.5% abv Czech Dark Lager beer. 

CW 12 plato T'mave Pivo offers up a touch of  coffee like roastiness with some really nice malt sweetness alongside complimenting nuttiness.

Counter Weight Dunkel

Munich Style Dunkel|5.2% ABV

Our Munich style Dunkel lager presents ruby hues and beautiful rich malt complexity alongside a mild sweetness reminiscent of brown bread with a dry clean finish. Brewed using a long decoction mash schedule and then fermented in our open top fermenters, CW Dunkel brings a taste of Bavaria to CT. 

Counter Weight Marzen

German Marzen Lager|5.8% ABV

Our Marzen is a lager to help us start to celebrate Oktoberfest season! We brew this beer with patience and traditional methods to help ensure it has elegant rounded malt character with flavorful depth while tasting super clean and being fit for multiple half liter pours. 

Counter Weight Weissbier

Weissbier|5.2% ABV

Counter Weight Weißbier, our Bavarian-inspired wheat beer, was brewed in the most traditional way possible. Utilizing a wonderful German yeast strain of Bavarian origin, brewed with German malts, single decocted, and open top fermented, our wheat beer has an incredibly expressive classic character of clove and banana that's synonymous with the style.

Crimson Briar

Kettle Sour with Raspberries|4.8% ABV

Crimson Briar is a Kettle Sour beer brewed with copious amounts of raspberry. Jammy aroma with mildly tart flavor that finishes with a lot of raspberry.  

Crucial Mass

American DIPA|8% ABV

Crucial Mass is an America DIPA brewed with a blend of American and Southern hemisphere hop varieties that contribute big, tropical fruit flavors. Ripened mangos, passionfruit, and a touch of grapefruit dominate the nose, with a subtly sweet malt backbone to support the big explosive hop flavors.  


German Style Rauchbier|5.8% ABV

Drudenhaus is our smoked beer inspired by the traditional Rauchbiers brewed in Bamberg, Germany. We used malt produced in Bamberg that was dried over a beechwood fired to create “smoked malt.” This smoked malt imparts big smoky aromas and flavors within a rounded, clean, easy drinking lager beer.  

Ein Helles

German Helles|5% ABV

Ein Helles was brewed to celebrate our one-year anniversary! Brewed with the finest German pilsner malts, and Hallertau hops, this beer is very traditional. Clean, drinkable, with a mild sweet maltiness. 

Fest Bier

German Fest Bier|5.9% ABV

This is a traditional German Fest Bier. Unlike the Marzen style, the traditional fest beer is lighter, drier, and less sweet. Clean and well defined bready malt qualities take center stage.  

Fresh Drip

Coffee Porter|5.8% ABV

Fresh Drip was brewed with coffee from The Bean in Cheshire. This years batch results in pronounced notes of coffee with cocoa, dark chocolate, and caramel with a touch of roast in a drinkable dark beer.


American IPA|6.5% ABV

Headway IPA is brewed with four varieties of American hops. Headway blends these hop varieties in the kettle and in the dry hopping stages to allow these varietals to be bright and expressive.


American IPA|6.3% ABV

Inundation is brewed with 100% Citra hops, as well as dry hopped with Citra lupulin powder. Citrus flavor dominates.  

Meet Me At The TOp

Kolsch|4.8% ABV

Meet at the Top Kolsch is a very clean, highly drinkable beer with a dry finish that achieves wonderful balance. Brewed with our friends at East Rock Brewing, this beer is a celebration of a shared passion for beer rooted in tradition.

Second Furrow

Farmhouse Ale|6.4% ABV

You may remember "First Furrow", the collaboration foeder Czech Pilsner brewed with our friends at Fox Farm Brewery last year. Last October we got together with our friends again to make Second Furrow. This beer is the culmination of some Connecticut ingredients coming together in the spirit of collaboration to make something delicious. Native CT honey was added in the coolship, the beer was fermented and conditioned with a blend of our collective mixed cultures, and then it rested on CT grown St Croix grapes that Zack and Dave were generous enough to share with us. The result is a farmhouse ale with distinct funky and fruity characteristics with balanced acidity.

Spiral Architect - Green Label

American Double IPA|8.2% ABV

Spiral Architect's framework is built from massive whirlpool and dry hop additions of resinous hops. Mango and orange like aromas and flavor lead the character with floral undertones.


American IPA|6.3% ABV

Talisman was brewed with Nelson Sauvin and Motueka hops. This hazy IPA has nice white wine, tropical, and stone fruit-like flavors and aromas. 


Mixed Fermentation|6.6% ABV

More than 18 months in the making, Vitalis is a blend of mix fermentation white wine barrel aged beers that then rested on Marsanne and Roussanne grapes. The result is a wonderfully complex and layered beer offering juicy pear, fresh cut cantaloupe, melon, with vibrant interwoven acidity. Its oakiness helps to bridge its funk, tart, and fruit qualities. Our aim was to bring the lovely attributes of these grape varieties in the world of beer to create a unique and delicious experience. We love the results and hope you do too.

Workhorse Pilsner

German Keller Pilsner|5% ABV

Workhorse Pilsner is forged from traditional German ingredients, unfiltered, and dry hopped with noble hops. Grassy lemon citric notes mingle with a clean German Malt flavor. Refined yet unfettered, aggressively hopped yet balanced. Brewed to be seriously drinkable.

Guest Brews

Athletic Brewing Upside Dawn

Non-Alcoholic Gluten Removed Golden Ale|0.5% ABV

Classic craft Golden Ale Style. Refreshing, clean, balanced, light-bodied. Aromas subtle with floral and earthy notes. Brewed with premium Vienna Malt along with combo of English and traditional American hops. Crafted to remove gluten*.

*Upside Dawn is crafted to remove gluten. This product is fermented from grains containing gluten. The gluten content of this product cannot be verified, and this product may contain gluten.

Less than 0.5% ABV and 45 calories per can.


Hard Cider|5% ABV

Hard apple cider with blueberries.

Fresh Blend

Hard Cider|5.8% ABV

This cider is a mix of last seasons pressing with this seasons fresh pressed juice added to it. It gives a nice balance of sweetness and crisp hard cider. All still from local Wallingford Orchards. Perfect refreshing fall drink.

Jonathan Edwards Primitivo Rosé

Wine|14% ABV

Our Primitivo Rosé is grown by the Lerner family just south of Lodi, California. This dry blush wine is made from the Primitivo grape, a cousin to Zinfandel. Gentle pressing creates the light pink color while capturing fresh fruit aromas of strawberry and watermelon rind. Aged in stainless steel to maintain the fresh fruit nuances of this favorite summer sipper.

Jonathan Edwards Sauvignon Blanc

Wine|14.4% ABV

A vibrant bouquet of fresh straw, peaches and nuances of rose petal readily flow forth from this shimmering wine. A smooth, lush mouthfeel prevails leading to a silky soft finish kept clean by aging in stainless steel.

Jonathan Edwards Stone Table Red

Wine|14.1% ABV

Our ever-popular red blend consists of 77% 2019 Lodi Cabernet Sauvignon, 8% each of 2020 Lodi Zinfandel and Napa Petite Sirah and 7% Napa Merlot. This is a complex and heady red wine. Packed with a broad range of flavors the signature element is a smooth, robust red wine with an easy finish.

Two Roads Non-Alcoholic Juicy IPA

Non-Alcoholic IPA|0.5% ABV

Big tropical and citrusy hop aroma typical of a classic juicy IPA with a touch of bitterness.

Contains less than 0.5% ABV and 70 calories per can.


Birch Beer

Foxon Park

Foxon Park White Birch Beer is made with pure cane sugar and features sweet, creamy flavor with the minty kick that defines quality birch beer. Foxon Park White Birch Beer proves itself to be an exceptional soda of the highest degree from its rich start to its refreshing and clean wintergreen finish. 

Cream Soda

Foxon Park

The delicious creamy taste of Foxon Cream Soda will bring you back to the soda fountain of yesterday. There is nothing better on a hot summer day than a Foxon Cream Soda!

Diet Kola

Foxon Park

Made with all natural ingredients, Foxon Park Diet Kola will challenge any of the big guys. Stomach feeling uneasy? Have a glass of Foxon Park Kola! This 0 carb treat is sweetened with NutraSweet, so go ahead and indulge!


Foxon Park

The classic Italian Lemon-lime soda that has become our signature soda. It is crisp, refreshing and great on a hot summer day!

Ginger Ale

Foxon Park

Sip a cold glass of crisp, Foxon Park Pale Ginger Ale.

Ginger Beer

Foxon Park

 In comparison to ginger ale, ginger beer is more robust in flavor with a spicy quality.

Grape Soda

Foxon Park

The delicious, bright, sweet taste of Foxon Grape Soda will bring you back to childhood and put a purple smile on your face.


Foxon Park

Made with all natural ingredients like real sugar, Foxon Park Kola will challenge any of the big guys. Stomach feeling uneasy? Have a glass of Foxon Park Kola!

Orange Soda

Foxon Park

Like a cool splash of sunshine in a bottle Foxon Park Orange Soda is perfect at an outdoor summer picnic, a day at the beach, or your favorite pizza place.

Root Beer

Foxon Park

An old-time favorite!


Foxon Park

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