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Blended Wile Ale with Cherries|6.1% ABV

Amoret is an American wild ale that consists of a blend of wood aged mixed fermentation beer, including a portion of spontaneous beer from our Coolship. The base blend rested on more than 300 lbs of freshly picked cherries for more than 8 months after more than a year in oak.  

The result of time, fresh fruit, wild yeast, wood, patience, and care is a special beer that offers tart cherry, lactic tartness, funky wild barnyard notes alongside balanced acid and woody character.

Blended in Hamden, packaged in Cheshire, it’s rewarding to see the elements of these two spaces come together.


Zwickelbier|3.8% ABV

Framewerk is a low gravity German inspired Zwickelbier. Brewed with a blend of heirloom German Barley varieties to create a full body with complex malt character in a wonderfully drinkable low abv beer. Coming in at 3.8%, biscuity notes of freshly baked sweet bread, light grassy and citrusy noble hop presence rounded within a clean crisp fermentation profile.


American IPA|5.8% ABV

Brewed with a blend of Amarillo, Nelson, and Citra. Blending stonefruit with white grape and grapefruit. Medium bodied, aromatic, with a touch of dank hop character in the finish.

Long Bright World

American IPA|6.5% ABV

Long Bright World IPA features Pacific Sunrise hops. Passionfruit, lime, with ripened berry like character all balance well with each other. 

No Hope for the Kids

American IPA|6.4% ABV

The flavor of this Mosaic hop focused American IPA is big on pineapple, hoppy dankness, along with some nice tangerine notes. 

Sunday Gravy

Pilsner|5.2% ABV

Sunday Gravy is our Italian style pilsner dry hopped with Saphir and Perle, and made with European malts, Sunday Gravy is unfiltered, dry, and hoppy. 

Uncanny Valley

American IPA|6.5% ABV

Uncanny Valley combines Idaho 7 with a blend of New Zealand grown Riwaka and a new variety known as Moutere. We're getting lots of tangerine, stone fruit, a bit of pine, and a really nice dank quality. We've blended these hop varieties and fermented this batch with a thiolized yeast to continue our exploration into working to pull all the character out of each hop variety we get to use. 

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