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Pints For Ponies

October 13, 2019
12:00 pm — 6:00 pm

We've done a few adopt and fundraise events in the past, but this time we'd like to shed some light on a lesser known Rescue and Organization: All The Kings Horses out of Northford, CT.

A day of fun and fundraising in the name of this organization, we hope you'll join us! We'll have a donation box out to collect cash donations from now until the date of the event, in addition to day of vendors, food trucks, adoptable horse info from All The Kings Horses and more!

A bit of information provided by the owner and founder, Mary Santagata:

Who is All The Kings Horses Equine Rescue?
"All The Kings Horses Equine Rescue is an animal welfare organization incorporated in the State of Connecticut. ATKHER was started in May of 2010 and Incorporated in June of 2010. We are dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and placement of equines in need; assisting equines in situations of neglect, abuse or threat of slaughter. To educate the public regarding the standards of care required to maintain an equine as a riding partner and/or companion animal in a humane manner.

I started this Incorporation after educating myself on horse slaughter. There are many auctions in the United States that will sell horses to "meat buyers" and ship horses to slaughter in Mexico or Canada. Horses end up at auctions for numerous reasons: poor economy, seasonal dumping, too many horses being bred, divorce, health issues, changing interests, etc. The majority of the horses are healthy, sound horses that have ended up at auction through no fault of their own. I needed to do something for these precious animals. After all, horses have done so much for us as a society, from providing transportation, carrying us through wars, and helping to cultivate our land. I am lucky to have the means and ability to care for horses. I want to help horses and also help the people they would find in their lives. Horses are a special part of my life, and have brought me such happiness."

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