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Drink and Draw with Professor Mihgz

June 19, 2019
6:00 pm — 7:30 pm

Drink and Draw!

Introduction to Professor Mihgz's Patented Theatrical-Improvisational Artistical Beertastical Power Hour 101:

Team Battle Figure Drawing and Situational Surrealism 4-part series

In this introductory class, Professor Mihgz instructs the fundamentals of sketching and figure drawing, while teaching the value of friendship through teamwork, as well as humility by way of tender yet ferocious public critique...

Students are expected to bring a single prop from home to be utilized in drawing compositions (props must be no smaller than a baby Chihuahua, yet no more cumbersome than a barstool, as test subj...uhhhh... *ahem* models. Students are expected to hold and/or interact with said objects paused in various positions for brief periods of time) in addition to a willing attitude to participate in a hands-on interactive experience in four-dimensional real-time (PLEASE NO PHONES DURING CLASS).

Class Cost: $25 per class (includes first beer and class supplies, however, additional prizes and bonus beers for good grades will be provided at the Professor's discretion) OR sign up for the whole series for $85.00!

Class Dates:

Wednesday, March 20th 6pm

Wednesday, April 17th 6pm

Wednesday, May 15th 6pm

Wednesday, June 19th 6pm

Duration: 1-1.5 hours


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