Upcoming Events

The Pop Up Shops at CW!

February 12, 2023|12:00 pm — 7:30 pm

This month's pop up is Laurie Lynn's Jewelry!

Laurie Lynne has been making jewelry professionally for over 20 years.  for the most part she works with her favorite medium: clay. Polymer clay, earth clays and even pottery pieces.  She creates, glazes, fires and then strings her designs with vintage beads. Vintage is her other hobby: collecting vintage beads and rare wearable components mixed with her clay makes for truly unique wearable art! Visit at these upcoming shows.  A few items are available on Etsy as well as local boutique shops.  Wholesale pendant necklace orders are now available as well!

Visit her website for a sneak peak..

Come grab a bubbly beer and come check out the scene!